"PAIN demands to be felt" TFIOS for the 2nd time around with my family 💕 #MovieMarathon #Day2ofmysembreak

S e l f i e ✌️#day1ofmysembreak

S e l f i e ✌️#day1ofmysembreak

LAST major exam for today 👊 🙏 #TGIF

BEST college girlfriends ever 👊 Lord ha? Wag muna po kami paghiwa-hiwalayin next sem plith 🙏 #myforever HAHAHA 💕💋😘

101214: Quality time with my superduperhyper CRAZY friends 😂 Millions of tawa talaga. I love you always guys 💕 Everything will be okay (sa mga may problema jan. Ehemmm!) 🙏 #hsfriends #photodiary

101214: Yay for Fun Run 🏃 Sulit ang bayad 😊 Happy 100 years boy scout 👍 #BoyScoutFunRun2014 #photodiary

Time check: 2:53AM 🕒 Ready for the Boy Scout Centennial Run 2014 🏃👣#101214

ONE last semester left for us bessss 😊 Super pray that next semester slash our last semester (hopefully) magkakasama pa rin tayo 🙏🙏 Super love this girls 💕💋😘 #cheesylines #collegegirlfriends (at Adamson University, ST Theater)

100614: Spent holiday at Enchanted Kingdom with my craziest friends 😊 One of the best day ever. 👍 We survived the rides Yessss!!! 😃 Heart you guys so much 💕 (at Enchanted Kingdom)